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    Randy Tate
Email:    rtate1776@charter.net
Comments: I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your book. You have the led the type of life that I only wish I could have and I want to Thank You for everything you have done during your time in the Special Forces and with the CIA.

Name:     Paul Duffy
Email:    aussiedingodawg@hotmail.com
Comments: Thanks for the books Billy ,Top read. Regards Paul

    henry g bertrand
Email:    hbertrand@ihollister.net
Comments: wow!!!!!!!!!


Comments: 1947 THUR 1968 SERVED 187ARCT, 8240AU, 1st SF RETIRED MSG (E-8)

Email:    robbie.smith1@us.army.mil
Comments: thanks for everything you have done to make our country free.

    Karl Federer
Email:    karlfederer@yahoo.com
Comments: I have heard the legend of Billy Waugh for many years, but did not know the severity of his wounds, which makes his story that much more amazing.Once you start reading, you can't stop.Gives great insight into SOG, the Jackal and radical Islam today.I would recommend it to everyone for a better understanding of today's events. A fantastic book.

    Major Jim Miles U.S. Army Special Forces Ret.
Email:    greenberet_1@msn.com
Comments: CSM,

Saw your name. Haven't had a chance to read your book. I couldn't remember what outfit I was in when I first met you. I was in 1st Gp in Okinawa 60-62. In S-4 with Cpt Warren and then to B Co. Went to Nam Feb - Jul 62 at Song Mao with Maj Roy. MSG Joe Ferria, Sfc Silvernail, I was lt wpns and SSG Colwell hvy wpns, SSG Vacaro and SSG George demo, Sp Anderson commo, Sp Erdmann and Sp Parrish medics. Attended OCS Oct 62. In B Co 10th Gp Bad Tolz 64-66. Back to Nam CO A-428 66-67. Third tour 70-71 with ARVN Rangers in Chau Doc and with Special Mission Advisory Group (SMAG) MACVSOG Nha Trang Jan - Aug 71. Retired in 73. Lived on Guam 74-93. Moved to Texas Aug 93. Address: 2006 Windy Point, Schertz, Texas 78154. Phn (210) 566-3911

    Richard W Lewis AKA Rocky
Email:    W4DGL@Cox.net
Comments: Billy, Its with great pleasure to sign your Guest Book. I also read your book on the Hunting The Jackle. I am proud to be your friend. Also having the pleasure of serving with such a fine Outstanding Professional soldier.
I salute you sir.
YSFB Rocky


    Kerry Howard
Email:    klmhoward@yahoo.com
Comments: Thanks.
Name:     David Kirschbaum
Email:    squiretoad@hotmail.com
Comments: Well, good for ya, SGM. I have guys on the web (not SF) shaking their heads and asking "Can this be for real?" Heh heh .. I have to tell them, probably .. except for the lies of course :-) Guess I'll have to find a copy (maybe they have one at the SF Association library? hint hint?) and read it.

David Kirschbaum
CCC, '69

Name:     Robert C. Foley
Email:    rcfoley@yahoo.com
Comments: Hello Sargeant Major, It was great seeing you in Vegas for the Convention. I thoroughly enjoyed your book and I really appreciate your autographing it for me. Can't wait for the movie. We're looking forward to seeing you in in the spring.
RC Foley, Secretary, Chapter 78 SFA

Name:     Robert Eddy
Email:    eddy@shentel.net
Comments: Billy, I didn't know about your book, will read it soon. I'm swapping stories with Steve Spoerry who had served under you many years ago. In case you don't remember, we flew together on the cold C-130 flight back to Germany in Jan '02. Take care of yourself, c ya around//Bob.

Name:     Richard K. Chambers
Email:    rkc1928@comcast.net
Comments: I learned of Billy from one of his high school classmates, Jean Peel, who still keeps in touch with him. Bought the book and really enjoyed it. He was likely at Khe Sagn when I brought in supplies there in a C-130 in 1968. I thought he had given up his clandestine pursuits, but I hear he is back at it at an undisclosed location.

Name:     Arnold OSullivan
Email:    2018commo@comcast.net
Comments: SGM, Great read, Frank SR was my HALO instructor, you still have stories to tell. So when's the next book???
1SG O, 18E,F,Z

Name:     Carolyn Culbreth
Email:    cncjedi@aol.com
Comments: I read the book and was very impressed. Mr. Waugh, is one of the awesome men of SOG too, that have laid the ground rules for past, present and future Special Forces Soldiers. To Billy and all Veterans * thank you for your service.

Name:     Jennifer Martinez
Email:    yotanka@jenmartinez.com
Comments: I second what Stephanie Silber said, "In an increasingly dangerous world, we need more like Billy. Billy you are the best and I am proud to know you!"

Hope you had a great Birthday!!

De Oppresso Liber,
Jennifer Martinez sends

Name:     amelia
Email:    amelia_houm@yahoo.r
Comments: i hope and like the intelligence agency i like to reiceved any book about cia

Name:     Walter"Pete"Peterson
Comments: pete187@alltel.net
I knew Billy when we were in the Fox Co.187th Abn in 1952 in K
orea ,i bought two copys of your book and it is truly and Honor to have serve with you ,you are truly a great american thanks for all you have done i sent a copy of your book to Evelyn Gray (Wiley' widow )

Name:     Dave Bowden
Email:    OzarkCFE@wmconnect.com
Comments: Billy,

My wife and I met you in Branson a few days ago. You signed our book but I hadn't had time to read it yet because I was studying for the CPA exam. I finished the test and finally got to read the book. I couldn't put it down. There was a lot of serious material in there, but I enjoyed your sense of humor. I laughed so hard about your boss's ride with you in the old car with the hole in the floor that my sides hurt. You've had an amazing life. We also enjoyed your talk in Branson. Thanks for coming to see us!

Dave Bowden
SFA Chapter 82

Name:     HMCM Tommy (Doc) DeRouville USN/Ret
Email:    BushFrog67@AOL.com
Comments: I know Billy from Hawaii. We spent a lot of time in the CPO Club. We spent some time together, 1/7 Special Forces Group, came to Hawaii for an exercise with the Aussie SAS. I was made an honorary "Green Beret" during thier visit. Billy got me in the SFA in Hawaii, as an associate member. I wish him success with this book, and can't wait to read it. As an operator , he is a legend. Your Tamidichi, Tommy D.

Name:     Vicky Laney Workman
Email:    vworkman@pinenet.com
Comments: Billy A very Good Book Thank you for putting the part of my Dad in your book. Take care always Vicky

Name:     Kevin McMahon
Email:    kevin@halointernational.com
Comments: Billy had told me some time ago he had written this book so I was waiting patiently for its release. I could not have been more pleased when I finally got it. It was so captivating that I read the entire book in one flight to the East Coast, I couldnt put it down. Only one word can describe it, "Awesome". It makes you feel a great deal of pride in our soldiers and our country. The book is surely an inspiration not only for all our military and military yet to be, but also for the cilivian readers who no doubt will get a real shot in the arm from Billy's "never quit, never give up" attitude that comes from his life story....Good Read

Name:     Frank M Bell, 7th & 11th (reserve) SFGA, 1985 - 1993
Email:    uyopilot@yahoo.com
Comments: Nephew of Bob McKnight, 1st SFGA, White Star, 5th SFGA, SOG

Name:     Stephanie Silber
Email:    HmTmProd@aol.com
Comments: Billy Waugh is one of the most colorful and fascinating characters of all time. His book reflects his unique qualities while at the same time providing the layman with an inside look - and an authentic one - into the world of special operations. In an increasingly dangerous world, we need more like Billy. Billy you are the best and I am proud to know you!

With warm best wishes,


Name:     Mark Robson
Email:    fishymagic74@yahoo.com
Comments: How did you keep in shape even when you were 70 years old?

Name:     Jack Frost
Email:    VaGBERET@aol.com
Comments: Have not had got the book yet, but sure to get it soon. Good luck.

Name:     MSG Pete Estrada USSF Ret
Email:    peteestr@aol.com
Comments: Have not yet read the book, but looking forward to reading and adding it to the books I hope my family will keep and pass down.

Name:     Tom Waskovich
Email:    twaskovich@hotmail.com
Comments: Enjoyed talking to you at SOAR. Your book was terrific and should be required reading in our schools !

Name:     Jeanne Grill
Email:    jeanne.grill@gmail.com
Comments: I didn't think this book would interest me much, but I couldn't put it down. You, sir, are a true warrior and I thank God for people like you.

Name:     JJ "Crash" Makool
Email:    crashmakool@aol.com
Comments: Hey Billy, It was great seeing you again at SOAR. I am priveledged and honored to have been a crewchief on one of the taxicabs that served you great men. So far I have only read a few chapters, and am greatly enjoying your easy and down to earth style. I think I have a good picture of why it was so hazardous to hang out with you back then. (so I've heard) Even though I have only read a short part of your book so far, my gut tells me it will be keeping up for at least a couple of nites with a whole new perspective of just who the men were that I had such a life changing experience with as I turned 21 in the Nam. "This Bud's For You!" Regards Crash

Name:     Al Doyle
Email:    adoylesf@aol.com
Comments: Billy. I read your book with great interest. One of the best written that I've read in years. You may not remember me but we were in the same Company in the 7th sometime around 1964or 65

Name:     John R. Fryer
Email:    johnr.fryer@verizon.net
Comments: Great Book Billy. I enjoyed the insight you provided on your various missions. Not always fun and games,as many think it is.
Warmest Regards

Name:     Nick Spain
Email:    nick.spain@nbc.com
Comments: CCS 20TH SOS 69-70 Billy, a great read! I am always amazed by the level of patriotism and bravery displayed by the real hero's of SOG...the men on the ground! I cannot think of anyone who has served his country so well for so long!

Name:     Tim Kirk CCN FOB#1 67-68 CCS 69
Email:    stkirks1@msn.com
Comments: Billy,
I arrived in Phu Bai about two days after Oscar Eight. I was a scared young man once I realized the situation. It was men like Skip Minnicks and yourself that taught me how to operate in spite of fear. I am greatful for the inspiration of veteran SF men in my life. I hope I left others with the same inspiration. The book was great reading!

Name:     William C. Bennett
Email:    wcbenn@earthlink.net
Comments: Billy, I enjoyed your book; it is a good read. Also enjoyed getting a "feel" for what an independent contractor's duty entails. Enjoyed working behind you at Vegas and look forward to seeing you again. DOL Bill

Name:     Tony Newcomb
Email:    decaturvlp@earthlink.net
Comments: Got two copies, Billy, but only read the autographed one ! Excellent book! See ya in Nashville in '05 !

Name:     Bob Donoghue
Email:    BobDon911@aol.com
Comments: Billy:
I enjoyed reading your book. I now have a better insight on some of your past assignments. After your book, i started reading "Ghost Wars" which ties in to your book. I feel proud to know you.
Bob Donoghue
Najaf, Iraq

Name:     Doc
Email:    doc@shumate.com
Comments: Billy: leading the way is supposed to be a wasting asset. You keep delivering the goods forever. Lead the way, and thanks from a nation that will learn to be grateful again.

In your footsteps.

Doc 3/12

Name:     Robert L. Noe
Email:    sog1rlnoe@aol.com
Comments: Wishing my good buddy the very best.

Name:     Gerald E. Denison
Email:    grommet@mtaonline.net
Comments: Mr Waugh: That is my, name starts with W waugh and you waited to long:: It was a great read. I did find it hard to finnish as it brought back far to many memories. Best of luck, keep the but down and the powder dry. This is grommet on guard god, I still got more bullets than you do. s/D

Name:     darrell hoefling
Email:    darrell@hoefling.com
Comments: i was with ccn recon 1970, knew allan lloyd, doc watson, wilford desheeny, william fernandez,dennis karzewski and others went to 1-0 school at long tahn and met dave metzger and many others. thanks for the book, and thanks for the service to and for our great country

Name:     frank e Kennemur
Email:    frankek@cableone.net
Comments: Remember the plan if we all are sent to the Hage. Remember that some of us are in contact with our Russian brother in Arms. With them and us in the Hage, WE WILL COMMAND Remembering the 10th Gp. nd the two Becks and Beckerman. The book brings back memories. Great book well wrote. Good reading.

Name:     frank e Kennemur
Email:    frankek@cableone.net
Comments: Remember the plan if we all are sent to the Hage. Remember that some of us are in contact with our Russian brother in Arms. With them and us in the Hage, WE WILL COMMAND

Name:     Bob Mulcahy
Email:    csmmulcahy@aol.com
Comments: A good read, If we knew then what we know it may have been easier, Hope the young ones pay attention.

Name:     Chips Fleming
Email:    chips6246@aol.com
Comments: Billy,

I haven't read your book yet. I just bought it, but I'm looking forward to a good read.

Name:     Clarence Austin Burrell
Email:    b.burrell1@cox.net
Comments: I have enjoyed your book, and I have recommended it and you to others.

Keep up the good work.

Name:     jbrookins
Email:    johnbrookins@hotmail.com
Comments: Enjoyed the book. Wish you could go into more detail but understand.

1/10th SFG(A)
3/10th SFG(A)
5/19th SFG(A)

Name:     stargazer
Email:    stargazerLLL3@aol.com
Comments: referred to this site to view new book

Email:    OMEGA6667@aol.com
Comments: It has been a pleasure to have served with you on many occasions since
Bad Tolz in '54 and the many memorable times since '74. You are a lifetime friend. Betty sends her love. PS: I still have "big white" ( bowling ball)
you lost to me in Oki. HaHa

Name:     Kathleen Sullivan
Email:    Sullivak@idhw.state.id.us
Comments: Hello
I am the oldest daughter of Robert J Sullivan, Special Forces lost his life in 1967 Vietnam. I was wondering if you have any knowledge of my dad's death, or perhaps personal stories in your memory of him. Anything you can share would be gratefully appreciated. Sincerely, Kathleen


Name:     Doug McMillan
Email:    Doug5@sbcglobal.net
Comments: It was a great book Billy. Thanks for all the help you have given me the past few years and the invite to SOAR a few years ago was a time that I will always remember.


Name:     Wayne Addison
Email:    waddison@austin.rr.com
Comments: Just finished reading your book. Hell of a story! By the way, I live in and around Bastrop. You are remembered here with great thoughts. Thanks for your devotation to the U.S.

Name:     Gary Daugherty (Vietnam 68-69)
Email:    gld1@comcast.net
Comments: Great book. Men like you and Gen. Singlaub are our heroes because of, not only what you did during the Vietnam war, but also for what you did for our country even after that war was over. Thank you.

Name:     Michael . Heinricy
Email:    michaelheinricy@yahoo.com
Comments: Just finished the book. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Reading about the events concerning CCN brought back a lot of memories from the time I spent there on RTs Python and Virginia under the leadership of the SGM. All the best. Michael

Name:     Jennifer Martinez
Email:    yotanka@jenmartinez.com
Comments: I second everything Ray Calafell said. Billy is an inspiration and is truly one of a kind. We desperately need such fine men. Thank you Billy, for your service to our great nation, you are appreciated by this American, more than you know. HOOAH!

De Oppresso Liber,
Jennifer Martinez sends

Name:     Stephen L. Putthoff
Email:    sputthof@hsc.unt.edu
Comments: Lew Merletti is a great friend of mine, more like a brother than friend. He and I were SF Medic classmates and went to Vietnam together in 1969-70. Surprisingly to us, we both came back.

Lew's admiration for Billy Waugh has personally been communicated to me. I look forward to reading the story of this great soldier's life.

Thank God there are still heroes like Billy Waugh in this world.

Name:     Mark Zinniel
Email:    mzinniel@sbcglobal.net
Comments: Just got Billy's book today. Looking forward to some exciting reading!


Name:     Ray & Pat Calafell
Email:    enzocalafell@prodigy.net
Comments: Billy - Patriotism has defined your life, even at a time when you should be taking it "easy." Thank God you're not - the Nation still needs men like you - leading and inspiring the new generation of special operations warriors. We hope this book will inspire the youngsters to follow in your very large footsteps. We are privileged to call you our friend. Watch your six!

Name:     Al Doyle
Email:    adoylesf@aol.com
Comments: Billy. You probably don't remember me. We went to the University of Illinois at Champaign in 1965 or66 for a demonstration. We were in the 7th Group. I bought and read your book "Hunting The Jackal" Extremely interesting.

Email:    SF0B@aol.com
Comments: Billy you did a bang up job on the book.Brought back a lot of memories for all of us.I am proud to know you and to have served with you.DOL

Name:     Robert A. Pronier
Email:    rpronier@nc.rr.com
Comments: Billy

Have not seen you in a while except each Memorial Day. You have done the Special Operations Community a great service over the past 30 years and still continue to hang in there. I am proud to have you as a friend. Time to teach the upcoming Special Operations folks what you know.

Name:     Melvin Hill
Email:    melhillccn@aol.com
Comments: Billy, your book brought back a lot of memories of Khe Sanh, Ba Kev & other places. I am proud to have served with you & would again anywere. Your friend always, SLEEPY

Name:     Jim Ringland, D571L/1498GL
Email:    CCNCCC@aol.com
Comments: Billy, old friend, had wished there was a guest book in the beginning. The site is outstanding, and having read the book, it also is outstanding. I will have it with me in November for your autograph...DOL

Name:     Jim Dennis
Email:    fbfd1295@yahoo.com
Comments: Incredible book! Billy, you make the reader feel like they are right there with you. Wish I could have had his career in the CIA.

Name:     Jerry Norris
Email:    jtnorr@cox.net
Comments: I enjoyed your book very much.

Name:     Ed Fisler D-553L
Email:    edvet12@hotmail.com
Comments: Good luck with your money maker......

Name:     Frank Rickard
Email:    ric1551@cox.net
Comments: Billy has been there and done that.
A great guy to know. Probably the most active guy I ever met.


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