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    Hilda E. Davis
Email:    hdavis11@ec.rr.com
Comments: I can't wait to read your book. I just heard about it tonite. You're a tuff nut and I love it. My background isn't nearly as exciting as yours, but the average grandmother, I'm not. I'm attaching an article that basically outlines what my family and I have been going through in dealing with Illegal Terrorist right here in our yards. I wish you lived closer, you could tell me how to do the things I know need to be done to bring this to an end. Thank you so much for taking the time to do the things you've done for our country, and thank you for taking the time to write your book. My article was published on Daniel Pipes and Dave Gabutz's web sites. If you've got any hints, please let me know. Thanks
Wake up America, open your eyes, look around you. We read the papers, we watch the news, we hear all the talk about the Illegal Mexican's coming into our country by the thousand everyday. Our Government is finally trying to react to something they should have reacted to many years ago. Because they didn't, we are now in one heck of a bind in many aspects. We don't have enough personnel with the Border Patrol, "INS" is a JOKE to say the least. They are so outdated, under staffed, under trained, and their computer systems aren't able to handle and control the influx of Immigrant's and know where they are, and haven't known for years...not to mention they don't have enough personnel to enforce the laws, and keep proper records.
We have ICE (Immigration Custom Enforcement), a branch of Homeland Security who is way under staffed. They don't have the means to handle the large number of reports and investigations brought to their attention, so what happens when someone notifies a government agency of an Illegal Immigrant? Basically, nothing. Would you believe that the Wilmington, N.C. Eastern District Office for ICE has 8 employees assigned to that office...and North Carolina has one of the highest numbers of Illegal Alien's in the United States.
I've been trying for over two years to get the government to act in removing an Illegal Lebanese man that came to the U.S., was deported, went to Canada, got his citizenship there, and returned here to North Carolina, and has stayed here illegally.
My daughter met him in 1995, they married in 1998, she believed that he was divorced from his Lebanese wife, but learned in mid 2004, when an Arabic document came to the house, and she had his niece read it to her, that she had just gotten the marriage annulled. They have a six-year-old son, they separated when she learned their marriage was not legal, and he was here illegally. She felt so used, and lives in fear for her safety and that of her son everyday. She is afraid that he will take their son, and leave the country, as he has threatened to do to both she and my self.
She has borrowed large sums of money to protect herself and her son through the courts to no avail. Even with the judge knowing he was here illegally, he allowed un-supervised visitation. He has been in contempt of court for over two years, yet she can't get a hearing on the contempt order. He has admitted that he was still married to his Lebanese wife, yet has filed for annulment of this marriage to keep from being charged with Bigamy. With the weight his attorney has with the courts (judges), he will probably get it.
This man is here illegally, his brother is a convicted felon, convicted of smuggling cigarettes from N.C. to Michigan. When he was arrested there, he faked a heart attack, and cut a deal with the FBI giving them the names of the 17 arrested, and convicted in Charlotte of smuggling cigarettes, money laundering, fraudulent marriages, and funneling money to terrorist group Hezbollah, because he's on the informants list, the authorities won't take action.
The FBI stated if they did anything serious, they would take action. I asked, if smuggling cigarettes, money laundering in opening two cigar stores with profits from illegal acts, fraudulent marriage, funneling money to Hezbollah, and being here illegally weren't serious, would they please tell me what was.
I've written to the V. President, ICE, Homeland Security, FBI, INS, even IRS, etc...yet our government won't take any action, or remove these two from our country. How can a convicted felon get his citizenship? Shouldn't he have been deported when he was convicted instead of being put on the FBI's Informant list for protection? I understand he came back to N.C., and laughed about what he’d pulled over on the feds.
The big laugh here is that another member of their group had already given the same names to the FBI when he cut his deal to keep from being prosecuted for the $700,000.00 in counterfeit cigarette stamps, while at the airport in St. Louis, Missouri, as well as his involvement in the Charlotte deal, agreeing to testifying against his co-horts in crime.
The FBI's communication systems didn't allow them to share this information, and both criminals cut their deals, and remained here continuing their illegal acts. The other informant is now being held in Charlotte for Fire Bombing a Convenience Store, wonder what this one has to do before they’ll take action against him?
America, we're in trouble in a big way. We are surrounded by foreigners everywhere we look. When our State Corp. Commission allows illegals to form corporations, and do business in our State, our Cities and Towns give them business license, they get drivers license, buy cars, do anything they want and no one questions them...What's wrong with this picture? Our tax money is to pay the salaries of those government agencies to protect us, yet they're not doing it, just as they didn't protect us before 9-11.
What are we going to do about it? Where do we turn? Do we just sit back, and let the illegal aliens take control of our country? It appears that we don't have much choice at this point, does it? If you've got any ideas, please let me know, I've run out of names, and address, not to mention agencies to ask for help. I surely can't go to local law enforcement, the man running for sheriff in our district has a huge sign in front of their local store, and they can't even vote, but they can give big donations from sales they don't pay taxes on....no need to go there, I could write a book about what we’ve been forced to live through these past few years, because our own government, and law enforcement, not to mention the judicial system won’t take action.
When this man’s attorney refused to allow him to answer the question about being in this country illegally during discover, that clearly told me that the attorney knew he was illegal, and in my opinion that’s called “Aiding & Abetting, for his own personal gain”, and he should be prosecuted, but no one would dare have that thought but me.
When I wrote to the N.C. Governor’s office asking for help, the e-mail I got back from them told me to contact Homeland Security. Wouldn’t you think that perhaps it might have gotten a little more attention, had the request come directly from the Governor’s office?
Then the best one of all was from Senator Elizabeth Dole. I had written her office outlining the problems with a lot more details that this article has, and in return I received a two page letter telling me all about what she was doing in regard to Illegal Immigration….what a joke, and what a waste of my time to dare go directly to my Senator, and ask for help in removing someone I know is in this country Illegally, and I have evidence that would easily get him convicted of a variety of felonies, not to mention being deported, but instead of help or advice, I get a form letter. Bet she won’t even miss my vote next election.
The one thing that has scared me the most is the fact that these individuals sponsor three Marine baseball teams at Cherry Point Marine Base. Have been invited and attended the Marine Ball. Come and go on our base without ever going through Security, they merely have someone that visits the stores meet them at the gate, and escort them on our Military Base, all while in our country Illegally. It is a fact that the previous Base Commander Panter went to this individuals home for dinner to celebrate his promotion prior to being transferred. It was pointed out to the Commander that he didn’t know who he was dealing with, yet it never meant a thing to him. Why has our Government spent millions of dollars building new fences and gates to protect our bases, when these individuals can come, and go easier than you or I? Isn’t this a frightening thought to say the least.
Open your eyes American’s, be aware of what's happening around you every day. I'M OUTRAGED AT OUR GOVERNMENT, ARE YOU? WHAT ARE WE DOING ABOUT IT? I CAN TELL YOU WHAT WE'RE DOING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, WE JUST SIT BACK AND LET IT HAPPEN, after all, what else can we do, when we’ve tried everything we know to try. I cringe at the thought that there may be others that have sought help, as I have, and that there are others out there our government agencies are ignoring, just as they did before 9-11. Say prayers, it’s our only hope at this point.
August 4, 2006

    jeff Morin
Email:    morinmg@charter.net
Comments: this was the greatest autobiography i have ever encountered. i hope to join the special forces when i am older, and this was very inspiring.

    R. Michael Pezzelle
Email:    roger_m_pezzelle@fanniemae.com
Comments: Sergeant Major Waugh

Thank you for the book, I read it Saturday afternoon before going to the association banquet.

Thank you for the signing the book, my family truly appreciates the kind words you had for my father.

You asked me to read the book and let you know what I thought. Here goes.
When I spoke with you Saturday morning, 16 Jun, you talked about how difficult it is to vet a book of this type. From the detail I can tell you needed to speak with quite a few people and I'm sure that at times some of the information you received was conflicting. You mentioned my father in your book, how do I say this? My dad wasn't with the OSS, he would have been very proud that you would think of him in this regard particularly since the men and women of the OSS were true patriots and professionals, but he also would have been very quick to point out that he didn't serve with them.

And if I may, one nit, I was working in Saudi Arabia at about the same time you were in Lybia, I wasn't there very long, I was teaching weapons for Vinnell. When I read the book I felt you were making a generalization about Arabs. Yes, they didn't have the aptitude at that time to run UW or DA missions, but what I found in Saudi Arabia was small pockets or desert dwelling conscripts that had a very intense interest in learning about maintenance of equipment, from weapons to vehicles. I found it particularly interesting because at that point in time all the labor in the country was imported from Yemen, Pakistan, Indonesia, Korea, Jordan and Iraq. I also found that some of our translators, those from the Middle East were particularly interested in the deploy and maintenance of weapons systems. But we're talking about two different areas. Just thought I'd share an observation.

The book is well written, factual and makes you want more. You're an amazing man.

R. Michael Pezzelle

    CWO Billy J. Weeks
Email:    bweeks1@sc.rr.com
Comments: I wonder where ole" Billy Wag " is now,--would sure like to here from him.BJW

    Bill Taulbee
Email:    wptaulbee@yahoo.com
Comments: Sir,
Was attached to the 3rd. mobile strike force as a crew chief from the 19th tass were You ever at Rang Rang . Was wounded the 19th of April of 69 , night Bruce Luttrell was wounded and died 31 days later. i had to come to You and get help for him , You were manning a 50 cal.

Bill taulbee


    Bennie R. McDonald
Email:    brmgm@mindspring.com
Comments: Thanks for inviting me to view this site. It is simply outstanding.....

    Art McGovern-Vietnam Vet-Former Fed Air Marshal
Email:    macart@mindspring.com
Comments: Billy, we greatly appreciated the private briefing which you gave us here in Duluth, Ga. on May 27, 2006. It was a great day being able to speak with such a GREAT American. The Ceremony welcoming us Vietnam Veterans back home with General Doug Brown as the Key Note Speaker and the Marine Band for music was wonderful. Best of luck on your upcoming HALO jump.

    Mark M
Email:    mayocdp@yahoo.com
Comments: Great book! Impressive career and service to our country. Thank You!

    Teri Parrish (Willberg)
Email:    parrishfam123@comcast.net
Comments: Billy Waugh is my surrogate uncle and very dear family friend. They don't come any better than this man!
Name:     B/G Michael H Alexander USAF(ret)
Email:    Gengaga@aol.com
Comments: Billy's O-1 Pilot several times
Name:     Michael G Benkert
Email:    micbnk1@aol.com
Comments: I read your book Billy--what a page-turner--waiting for your life's story on film, and the sequels.

Thanks and good luck in your future endeavors.



Name:     Sean Lonergan
Email:    utwor5@hotmail.com
Comments: Mr.Waugh my one time goal in life is to become a U.S. Navy SEAL and I have to admit your book gave me a few rules to live and work by as I go through life and through my military career. Thank you very much for writing such an interesting and memorial book! Take care,
Sean Lonergan--U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps.

Name:     Lt. Edward H. Jordan
Email:    ejordan@willcosheriff.org
Comments: Pride to have spoken with you, even though it was over the internet via e-mail. You appear to be a real stand up guy, I have no bout about it if you and Jeff Chudwin are friends. Take care of yourself.

Name:     Michael Sona
Email:    pershing1@rogers.com
Comments: Billy, you're a true hero in a day and age when the vast majority of the public has lost all sense of what heroism and honor are. God bless you for defending our country and our liberties!

Name:     Mark Mosher
Email:    mmosher@spartangroup.com
Comments: Perfect timing for this book. Marines are standing up their MARSOC now. You know as well as I its gonna be the enlisted that'll perform the missions. We needed an enlisted SpecOps warrior example. This book does just that.


Name:     Bob Blowers
Email:    RoByBl@aol.com
Comments: Sargeant Major, Served with you in the 3rd Mike Force. Will enjoy reading your book.

Name:     ruper
Email:    Giura@frol-mail.com
Comments: Enjoy your site, very helpful and chock full of good memories.With very usefull information a definite bookmark.

Name:     SSG Angel Ocasio
Email:    cyclops024@msn.com
Comments: Fucking Hooah!!!

Name:     Steve Singleton
Email:    ssngltn@aol.com
Comments: Here's best wishes and a raised glass to a true warrior whom I was honored to know briefly in K-town (and an island somewhere). There's nobody on this planet that I respect more than Sergeant Major Billy Waugh. A great book with maps that brought back some good memories of a better time. Salute and Semper Fi.

Name:     David Sebright
Email:    dave@sebrightproducts.com
Comments: I'm glad you survived all these years!! We went looking for some F-4 jockeys one day in Dec 67 that had been shot down near where the Ashau Valley went into Laos. I was supporting FOB 1&3 out of Khe Sahn. I was the AC of an D Model UH-1 from the 176th Assault Helicopter Company out of Chu Lai. Good Luck Sergeant Major Minuteman 17 Dave Sebright

Name:     A. Shamgar IDF
Email:    ashamgar@houston.rr.com
Comments: Well written book. Although I have served in a different front (a brief service in comparison to your amazing service record), this book took me back to some personal moments. Your audacious spirit is commendable and I thank you for protecting freedom. God bless you.

Name:     Charles R. Dodge III CSM, U.S. Army Ret.
Email:    crdodge@att.net
Comments: Best of luck to you Sergeant Major.

Name:     James P. Williams Sergeant (ret) Los Angeles Police Department
Email:    JPWillie43@sbcglobal.com
Comments: Great Read! Felt like I was acutally with Billy Waugh during his service in Vietnam and the Middle East. Looking froward to his future books.

Name:     Charles P. Miller
Email:    ccpmiller@lexcominc.net
Comments: During the korean war Billy and I were both in the 187 RCT I never knew him personally but when you think about it the 187th had a lot of "heroes" It looks like he was destined to be a "special hero "in a lot of places. I wish him the very best Charles P Miller

Name:     SP/4 TOM GLATH US ARMY 71-73

Name:     SP/4 TOM GLATH US ARMY 71-73

Name:     Dale Geib
Email:    orren_geibjr@fpl.com
Comments: Thanks for all your sacrifices over the years that provide us with the freedoms I have in the past taken for granted.

Name:     Ken Danter (Silverfox)
Email:    gwysilverfox@yahoo.com
Comments: Great site and book. Looking for work and suggesttions. Retired AF E-6, Intel, Nam 68-69, 70-72. Worked special duties for a guy named Red and Bull Meadows.

Name:     h. nelson
Email:    patriotzombie1@hotmail.com
Comments: i've read your name in several books recently, by john l. plaster, robin moore, and w.e.b. griffin. griffin's book..the hostage, has a dedication in your name in the foreword. he also has an afterword regarding john walton(of wal-mart fame) and of walton's earninga silver star in viet nam as a green beret medic. i looked up info on your book and will be reading it this week. i am sure i will not be disappointed. i thank God every day for the men who serve, especially those of the special forces whose efforts go largely unheralded or praised by the media. i thank God, and i thank you and all those who keep us free. with all of my heart, thank you.

Name:     Timothy A. Ruane
Email:    taruane@yahoo.com
Comments: I look forward to reading this book.
Tim Ruane

Name:     George Schmid CCN 1969 1970
Email:    elschmid@msn.com
Comments: Anybody that was there contact me thanks

Name:     JP Martin USA SOG Med Ret
Email:    pmartin@adelphia.net
Comments: I think the book is outstanding Billy !
Later I will mail you on that camp in Cambodia. I was in the
AO on 25 March 1970 taking C rats and wire near or at that
place. 170th AHC, I recall the date since the loss of 262 on
the 24th in the Wastelands. We passed by the site with heavy hearts.
I recall the dung colored Chink arty there. Samo place ?
No mention of that in your book.
We too were shown a map at Du Co telling us where to go.

Name:     Clarence F. Williams QM1(SS)DV Ret.
Email:    rungsat@asia.com
Comments: Good morning from Iraq, I just got word from my brother and son who received their copy of BW book, they say "Thank You for being who you are" and as always, thank you for being my good friend, CW

Name:     William elliott
Email:    gorkipk@sbcglobal.net
Comments: Thanks for your service. I did my bit in '67-'68.

Name:     alfred martinez
Email:    louis19d@aol.com
Comments: thank you billy for the person you are i am in collage and need to write an paper on a person who has overcome and became an inspuration to others and i have chose you i just hope i can do a great job about someone (who in my eyes )has lead the way for others thank you

Name:     John Atwood USA (RET) 11Bravo 101ST ABN.
Email:    jhatwood@yahoo.com
Comments: Loved the book. first checked it out from the library @Andrews AFB. Then went and bought it and read it again. If you are ever in the D.C. area would love to get it signed. Thank you for your service.

Name:     ssgt guillen guillen
Email:    vvassoccmdr@yahoo.com
Comments: good book,good site,good job .2 corp 3/17/68--28/12/70,johnny ringo ,22,rogue-yards

Name:     H Puukka
Email:    puukka@msn.com
Comments: Happened across your book, didn't pick it up at the time, but am compelled to do so now.
Take care and Thank You for your service.
Hooah!! H Puukka (USAR retired)

Name:     E. Rich Castle
Email:    rcastle@localnet.com
Comments: Billy Waugh,God bless you for your exceptional courage and bravery.
You are a great American and our country is a much better place because of men like you.There are many great heros in our countrys history and you are one of them.Thank you Billy Waugh, Thank You !

Name:     Geoff Ross
Email:    surfsup@hotmail.com
Comments: One of the best books I ever read & good friends with Billy.

Senior Chief Ross. U.S. Navy retired.
Naval Special Warfare support.

Name:     James Patrick
Email:    jpatrick@lakefield.net
Comments: Some day I would love to jump with you.I own GreenBaySkydivers Ltd. Up here in GreenBay Wi,served with 101st 67-70 Nam&cambell

Name:     Mark Combs
Email:    mcombs_504@yahoo.com
Comments: I read the book for the first time about a year ago, and I think it's great. I've recommended it to many of my buddies, and now there's alot of us going into the Army after we graduate.

Name:     Billy J. Weeks
Email:    bweeks1@sc.rr.com
Comments: "Willie Wag" and I were Instructors in 82nd Div and later in teaching future jumpmasters,he went to the "sneaks",he went to Laos-and my "B" team relieved him after his tour was up,-I last saw him in the 7 mountains area in Vn,christmas 1964.B Weeks.

Name:     Tim Mercer
Email:    tmercersec@aol.com
Comments: Dear Billy

I first read about your exploits in Robin Moores book on the war in Afghanistan. I was amazed to discover that in your early 70s were still operational. This has been an inspiration to me and God willing hope to be able to complete tasks until a similiar age. I am a former Northern Ireland special operations police officer now working as a security advisor to the missionary and aid agency community. You are an example to us all and if you ever find yourself in the 'Emerald Isle' I will stand you a pint of Guinness or two. God bless and keep safe. Tim Mercer

Name:     Tomas J. Fishkin
Email:    tommy.fishkin@us.army.mil
Comments: My uncle has shared gifts with me (I'm the only one in my family to receive such) about his time with the Special Forces. I've read your book, and believe you to be a oustanding defender. I don't believe warriors of that nature are bred I believe they're just born.I'm PROUD to tell you that I'm able to submit my application for selection in 4 mos.I will not let you (all of the SO community) down. DE OPRESSO LIBER !Isiah 3:16 !! I Will !

Name:     country carl sullivan msg ret.ccc.
Email:    carolinablue1@cox.net
Comments: Billy. my son saw you in home depot, with a SOG shirt on. I had told him about SOG. He stopped and talked to you, as usual he said you tried to recuit him to SF.(good man)he was very excited about meeting you,I had already told him you were one of Americas best. Thanks for taking the time, most special forces legends would not have. country carl 08/31/05

Name:     Joel Inman
Email:    jinman3@cox.net
Comments: I read Hunting the Jackal in about three days. It was thrilling. I really, really enjoyed the part about your surveillance in Sudan of one Usama bin Laden, a piece of subhuman filth if one exists. Many of your exploits there I could relate to, not because I aspired to do what you did, but because many of the personality traits you mentioned describe me.

Your book was a riveting read. The American people owe their freedom to men like you.

I was stationed for a time at Eglin AFB near Fort Walton Beach. I would have been immensely honored to meet you. Godspeed.

Name:     Chuck
Email:    lakeair5@aol.com
Comments: Billy,

I was doing some research today on the net on some of Cofer's old speeches and in the process I found your website. I've told a lot of people about the retired SgtMaj who used to do PT around Browntown in a black vinyl running suit. Now I can point them to your website. I ordered your book today. Would love to hear from you & catch up. Do you ever make it back home to Texas?


Name:     Devin Leonard
Email:    devin79@comcast.net
Comments: As a proud 25 year old former US Marine (1st Force Reconnaissance Co.)(15th MEU)
I want to offer my praise for Mr. Waugh's book and my admiration for his service to America. SGM. Waugh, is one of those tuff, old warriors, who fought with men like my father in Vietnam, and continues to fight with no slowing down.
This guy is an inspiration for all current and former soldiers, I can only hope that I will be able to do have as much for my country in the war on terror, as Billy has done.

Name:     Betsy
Email:    betsycurrie@bellsouth.net
Comments: I could not put your book down! It was an amazing read. You are an amazing person. Thank you for sharing parts of that life with us.

Name:     SFC Gilbert W. Gadson Sr.
Email:    gwgadsonccn@mail.com
Comments: Outstanding Billy. Keep up the good work.

Name:     Mike Bolton
Email:    mbolton4@cox.net
Comments: Thanks for your service and thanks for letting us know about it. Here's to another 70 years. We need you now more than ever.

Name:     Joyce Tarr
Email:    jgrandnole@aol.com
Comments: Read Bill Kaczor's "forever a soldier" in the Panama City News Herald. What an interesting account! I will order the book.. Hope to meet you some day and have you sign it.

Name:     Jack A. Milavic
Email:    amaverick@att.net
Comments: Interesting. I never knew a CIA agent that advertised their association. You are the first.

Name:     Don Bendell
Email:    don@donbendell.com
Comments: I would be on your team, anywhere, anytime. Great site, Billy. For our nation, thanks.

Name:     Anthony Lundgren
Email:    GaShadowOps@yahoo.com
Comments: OUTSTANDING, is the only word that comes to mind to describe " Hunting the Jackel." Billy Waugh is an inspiration to all the Men and Women serving our great land.
This country owes this Man with " Balls of Steel" more than it can ever repay! HOORAH Billy Waugh, this suds for you!

Name:     Linda Hardy
Email:    lhardy2@comcast.net
Comments: I could not put this book down! Have read and collected many books on military history; but your story - and those of your fellow Special Forces members - has to be the most compelling I've ever read. We Americans owe much to all of you, who so unselfishly have put yourselves in harm's way to keep us safe and free. Many thanks - stay well and stay safe!

Name:     Mike Perry
Email:    lsstudios@direcway.com
Comments: I read your book 3 times in 3 days. I would like to thank you for your service to your country and your fellow armed service men.
God Bless
Mike Perry

Name:     Sergeant Richard Valdemar, LASD Retired
Email:    calgangsarge@yahoo.com
Comments: Welcome home Sergeant Major. Most Americans don't know it, but we all owe you more than we can pay. God bless you. See you at TREXPO East.

Tet Vet - Nha Trang 1968
Co A 504th MP

Name:     Mark Tanner
Email:    matanner@alltel.net
Comments: Just finished reading Waugh's book...enjoyed very much! I hope there are plans to write another covering his post US Army career...the disclosable portion. Will Billy Waugh sign my copy of his book if I send it to him...at my cost of course?

Mark Tanner, First Team!

Name:     Bill Stevens
Email:    wstev962@aol.com
Comments: Enjoyed the book and meeting the man behind the pages was outstanding. It is good to be able to honor those that protect America as Billy has done for years. Thanks again for looking out after us in Tampa. You are always welcome in my fire house!

Name:     Bobby G. Deaver
Email:    deaverlaw@skybest.com
Comments: Congratulations!!! I knew if Billy Alexander kept trying, she was going to get you an assignment you could complete.
I am proud of you, Billy, and feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to get to know you.
I have a nice library of books of friends, and I would appreciate your signing the book I am now ordering. It will placed among my collection of the finest.
Again, best wishes and congratulations on a career to be both admired and envied.


Name:     Kevin Boyd
Email:    kevin.l.boyd@us.army.mil
Comments: Godspeed mate!

Name:     Randy Ward
Email:    rward51@swfla.rr.com
Comments: Am interested in the events around the loss of Madison "Skip" Strohlien, we were best of friends growing up and had many "adventures" together. I also live in Florida and would really like to meet you.

Randy Ward

Name:     Connie Cooper
Email:    cpcooper@quixnet.net
Comments: Have heard your name from my dad, Bob Pronier. I look forward to reading your book!

Name:     doutzen
Email:    d_outzen@hotmail.com
Comments: It would be an honor to know Billy Waugh.

Name:     Fred Goertz
Email:    fredgoertz@peoplepc.com
Comments: "Hunting the Jackal" is a great book Billy. Hope to see you some day. I live in Rockne which is about 12 miles from Bastrop on Hwy 20 towards Lockhart.


Name:     Brandon Britton
Email:    weaver_chicken@yahoo.com
Comments: u may know my uncle his name is nip pires

Name:     Fred Byrod (CCS 70-71)
Email:    fbyrod@satx.rr.com
Comments: Great book by a great soldier. Hopefully gives the public a glimpse into what's required to ensure their freedom. Can attest to Billy's SF combat prowess first hand after spending the last couple weeks of the Ba Kev, Cambodia operation (Chapter 4) with him. He was a master of mutually supportive relationships with Cambodian Col Savuth. Can still remember us running a strobe light up a long bamboo pole near our CP for an AC-130 Specter gunship's visual fix on us...and keeping the bad guys out for most of a night. Thanks Billy.

Name:     jari salo
Email:    jarisalo@netikka.fi

Name:     Hugh Hetrick
Email:    KK7UO@ARRL.NET
Comments: Well done, Sergeant Major.

Chief Yeoman (Submarines), United States Navy, Retired
MACSOG OP-35 AUG 65 - AUG 66


Name:     MSG Rayford Smith, USASF (Retired)
Email:    rayfordsmithhome@aol.com
Comments: Billy-
Remember that sorry flight we had from Travis to Honolulu to Wake, and then to Saigon? In Honolulu, SSG Squirrel Sprouse punched out some USMC Major who gave him a ration. Among others, SFC Charlie Lindewald,(KIA) SFC Clyde Sandul, and SFC Roy R. Lasher and SFC Pappy Grant were on that flight. Who was the guy who made out with the little stewardess on the plane, and then again at Wake Island?

Email:    GSZ952@YAHOO.COM

Name:     Victoria Dikins
Email:    diamonds98@hotmail.com
Comments: Hi I think you are the best!!!!!! Keep doing what you do.

Name:     Arthrur
Email:    rthrbl@yahoo.com
Comments: I want to be just like you. You are my hero!!

Name:     Gene M. Frice, Col. (Ret) USA
Email:    genesir@aol.com
Comments: God Bless you my son and all in SF. As Ridgeway said, "I don't like suffering in airborne and SF-I just like being around those that do." Hell, I'm old enough to remember "Tenderfoot" and the Escape and Evasion course at Bragg. I still have (somewhere) the parade where we got rid of the "Castro" cap and formally put the beret on. Will look forward to seeing you at the TREXPO East conference.

Comments: Do you remember a SSG Carroll Ed Flora MACVSOG..POW captured in Laos I was in same cell with him and McMurry, Thompson, Brande. We can not find him and no one remembers him. He did mention you on numerous times as you were covey while he and a few teams were in Laos and were hit at the same time by NVA.

Name:     Jim Ringland
Email:    CCNCCC@aol.com
Comments: Billy, I was just browsing through our website and that I would take a few minutes to see what might be new in your site.

Well my friend, I encountered quite a few name from the past, and it was a joy to read the comments that were made by others. I have been here before, in the very beginning, yet Compadre, it is always nice to drop back again.

Thanks for being with us last November in Branson, and thanks for signing the books for me. I am not sure if I told you, but not being an avid reader, (I have six, yes 6 books that I have never finished. However, I am here to say that, I read yours in two days, I think it was. "Hunting the Jackel" was one of those books that every so often, I view, that I seem not to be able to put it down except to eat, etc......

We have been Compadres for a long time and that in itself is a treasure to me. So, like the Timex Watch, keep on ticking my friend, just keep on ticking. Your presence in the Special Operations Community/Family is what it is all about.................DOL..............Ringo Sends w/TLC

Name:     1SG Mike Poncin
Email:    mponcin@ut.edu
Comments: As the son of a career 5th Group Special Forces soldier it does my heart good to see what you continue to do for our military and country. I salute you!!!

Name:     1st Lt. James Harry Sutherland
Email:    jhs33@frontiernet.net
Comments: I could have used 50 men like this guy!

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