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Gavin Larremore | gd281~AT~comcast~DOT~net
Billy, the book is great.especially since it's a true story. Your efforts to safeguard our nation are greatly appreciated. Thank you for all of your advice. As I stated before, Billy Waugh is more than a Survivor, he is a Thriver. Gavin - TPD
18 November 2006 - Tallahassee, FL

Cliff Wiese | cwiese~AT~lycos~DOT~com
Sir, Thank you for your service. We owe you, and others like you, our freedom. By the way, we share the same birthday.
3 November 2006 - Bryan, TX

sgt cila | redstaraz~AT~optonline~DOT~net
love the book - love your work in the field- i love combat as much as you do
30 October 2006 - riverhead ny

Sully Fontaine Junior | shfontaine~AT~mvce~DOT~net
Thank you for all you have done for this country.
11 October 2006

robb | meisterrobby~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
thanks for everything Mr. Waugh, your service is still a great dedication to this country! Thank You!
8 October 2006 - Bonn, Germany

SPC. Birch | joshua~DOT~c~DOT~birch~AT~us~DOT~army~DOT~mil
Mr. Waugh,

You are an inspiration to all soldiers old and young, active and retired. Thank you for the sacrafices you have made to help pave the way for soldiers like myself. Enjoy your retirement! I know if your anything like me, you will never enjoy anything as much as
war though.
3 October 2006 - Ft. Hood TX-Tikrit, Iraq-Seoul, Korea

Peter | dkls8lsj48~AT~usa~DOT~com
I'm smiling :)
11 September 2006 - Brazil

Mike Austin | mjaustin2~AT~cox~DOT~net
Billy, I'm currently reading Hunting the Jackal. What a book it is. Wish I could be lucky enough to have you autograph my copy. It's too damn bad they didn't let you finish the job on Binnie while in Khartoum.
5 September 2006 - Boggy Bayou Country

Tim Mercer | tmercersec~AT~aol~DOT~com
Hi Billy

I'm the Irish guy who emailed you last year about your book. Riveting read and an inspiration. Am out working in your old stomping ground at the moment, Sudan, second time this year and things look like they are going 'pear shaped' fast. Still trying to get a review of your book into a couple of UK magazines and if so will send you a copy. Why don't you come over to the 'Emerald Isle' and do a lecture?

Best regards

5 September 2006 - Northern Ireland

DH | ddr004~AT~mail~DOT~com
Billy, your the asskicker of asskickers. I found your book very inspiring.
Thank you for your great service.
3 September 2006 - Sweden/Scania

Frank Rickard | RIC1551~AT~cox~DOT~net
Great Book by a great guy. Billy has been there and done that.
A good friend to have.
25 August 2006 - Fl Moving to Ok

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