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Lou Driever | Lou~DOT~driever~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Thank you for your service - if you ever pass by Cincinnati I will gladly buy you coffee or a beer. I have tremendous respect for your experiences.
31 December 2016 - Cincinnati

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30 December 2016 - dsafa

dennis parker | dparker~DOT~texas~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
I live in Canyon Lake and would like to take you to lunch. I'm ex military and a huge fan after reading as much as I could find about you.
If you're available pls message or call me at 512 825 7814
22 December 2016 - Canyon Lake

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8 December 2016 - fdsaf

Jim Petit | 1fishdog~AT~msn~DOT~com
CSM Waugh, thank you for your service. I am proud to say that I served with you in the 2/503 on Okinawa in 61.You made an lasting impression on this young trooper. Back on the wild side.
21 November 2016 - Michigan

Malcolm Gladwell | gladwell~AT~gmail~DOT~com
I am a writer trying to get in touch with Billy Waugh for an interview about "Hunting the Jackal." Can you help? Thanks. M
17 October 2016 - New York, NY

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11 October 2016 - dgd

Michael Romero | yogiromero~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Hi Mr. Waugh,
I wanted to let you know that my father in law, Luke Thompson, passed away today. I often spoke fondly of you. He would have wanted you to know. Best. Michael
9 May 2016 - Kailua, Hawaii

John Hosch | john~AT~hosch~DOT~me

1. Semper Fidelis from a broken down Teufelshunde!
2. I have a colleague you might find interesting to meet - he is an out of the box thinker that I arranged to give several agencies some training a few years back (at Quantico's MACE)
3. If you are so inclined, I would welcome the opportunity to interview you for an historic fiction series I have been working on for the past 3 decades that covers 130 years of history through the eyes of a short-lived family that impacted the world we live in today (can provide references from several agencies and senior SNCO/Field Grade Officers upon request)

No need to post my message.


13 April 2016 - Republic of Texas - God's Country /hehe

Nathan | nsunsmt~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Hello there, thoroughly intrigued by your story. There are parties in China interested in translating your book and possibly turning it into a movie script. It would be great if you can respond. Thank you for your service.
12 April 2016 - LA

Franklin Kent | bluvanman~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
I thank you for your service. I served with Herbert J. Lloyd. You probably knew him.
13 March 2016 - Clearwater, FL

Bobby D | Bobby~DOT~driskill~AT~usma~DOT~edu
Thank you for your service and have a Rakkasan day!
10 March 2016 - USMA TAC NCO

Ms Sil B. | silvera1962~AT~skybest~DOT~com
Thank you SIR for your blood , sweat and tears to keep our freedom for those of us who fight , have fought and will fight , I do, salute you.
7 March 2016 - In free world in the Blue Ridge Mts off the BR Parkway in NC

Keith Blalock (Former 18D) | kblalock01~AT~sprynet~DOT~com
SMG Waugh… Thank you for your tremendous dedication to our country. De Oppresso Liber!
6 March 2016 - Kennesaw, Ga

Matt Frost | Matt~DOT~frost85~AT~gmail~DOT~com
It was a pleasure meeting you this last month in Louisiana Billy. Wish you had a few more books that I could have bought with your signature.
3 March 2016 - Cameron NC

Don Brunett | drb~AT~crawler~DOT~com
Thank you for your service.
15 December 2015 - United States

You should do an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit. I don't want to misrepresent the site, so I'll just say it's an awesome community of information seeking people. "The front page of the internet" if you will.

Thank you for your service.
10 November 2015

Laura Hatfield | lrminor~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
I am doing research on Jody calls and wondered if you can tell me if you sang cadence to "Jody's got your girl and gone", etc. any time during your career. I find retirees who remember it from Vietnam and some from WWII, but nobody from Korea.wondering why that is or if I'm just not looking hard enough. If you have time, I'd appreciate a response. Thank you for your service.
28 September 2015 - Amelia Island, Florida

Eddie Cartrette | eddie~DOT~cartrette~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Thanks for your service.
18 September 2015 - United States

John | j_olooney~AT~btinternet~DOT~com
im in awe
Your story, or at least the small parts I've read makes my life seem so insignificant and dull.
God bless you and good health
16 September 2015 - uk

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