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SGM Chris Lyons
SGM Waugh (Billy),

The book was a great read and you are truly one of our Nation's greatest Warriors! Look forward to seeing you soon and look forward to reading the book on Camacho's exploits!
15 February 2010 - Fort Bragg, NC

wayne simmons | WSSInter~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
You probably served with my Uncle,SGT Robert L. Simmons, 3rd, 6th and 8th SFG, MAC-V SOG, CCC, CCN, FOB 1. You are as great an American as he was.
He died way to young in 1992 from Agent Orange. Buried at Bragg. Sincerely hope you get to read these. V/R
5 February 2010

-Bill Taulbee | taulbee_bill~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
You were not With --S-gt --Bruce Luttrell when he was wounder I was it was 19 April 1969 at Rang Rang . I went to med tent to try to get help after mortors stoped and could not get help and had to come to you and tell you that Luttrell had been hit . -I was assigned to 19tass as aircraft mechanic on 01 birddogs . I was not flown out until next day as wia. Why lie about Luttrell ?
4 February 2010 - Hazard , Ky.

CW3 Ken Stambaugh | ktmstam6~AT~verizon~DOT~net
Great book SMAJ!! Thank you for your service and dedication to our country. Thank you for your commitment to our current soldiers! Our country is better off because of you and your men.
1 February 2010 - Harrisburg, PA

Sam Coons | swcoons~AT~bellsouth~DOT~net
SMAJ Waugh, what a great book and my everlasting thanks for your service to this great country. I wish more Americans could understand the great personal sacrifice that you and men like you have made. Best of luck and there is certainly a beer waiting for you in Gainesville FL if you ever make down to these parts.
13 April 2008 - Gainesville FL

maga | lome~AT~maga~DOT~com
i so much love this site
10 April 2008 - lome

Devil Dog
I read the book. Great Reading. Thanks
26 March 2008 - Indiana

Michael Perretti | maperretti76~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Very impressive Mr.Waugh, Checking out your website.Pretty cool i must say. I will probably buy your book.
25 March 2008 - Inverness FL.

Carter Boatner | carterboatner~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Thank you for your service to our Country. A young kid saw me reading Hunting the Jackal, and asked me who you were. I gave the book to him upon completion hoping that it will inspire another generation of Americans.
11 March 2008 - San Jose, Ca.

Eric Strickland | dubnomad~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Thank you, sir for everything you have done. There is not much more I can say without sounding like a friggin stalker, I suppose. Please e-mail me back and let me know how you are. I have read your book. Thank you for putting the fear in bin Laden. Thank you for swallowing your own. Come to Atlanta and have a beer on me anytime.
22 February 2008 - Decatur, GA

Al Barron | albarron~AT~charter~DOT~net
Great web site! Thank you for your service and WELCOME HOME! I was with the 9th Inf in the Delta in '67 and '68 and have a son in law that is with the 101st at Fort Campbell now !
1 February 2008 - Gainesville Georgia

Maga | maga~AT~yahoo~DOT~ca
Very good site my brothers
28 January 2008 - Lome-Togo

read your book,i hope there's alot more like you cause i would be scared shitless
17 January 2008

9 January 2008 - WASH DC

george senda | Falkenberg2006~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
My dad was in the US Army for 30 years. If you had been allowed to whack OBL, it would be a different world. Thank you for your service to our country.
9 January 2008 - Martinez, Ca.

John Erskine | jferskine60~AT~comcast~DOT~net
Hey, Billy - I remember you from 1st Grp and RVN. I'm in The Villages, FL -drop me a line. John Erskine, COL(Ret), 1st,5th,6th SFGA and inst at JFK
8 January 2008 - The Villages, FL

Joel Ariel | blupoint~AT~bellsouth~DOT~net
Good on you. Another 70+ hairbag who still sniffs the air when the job calls. 37 years+ service.
22 December 2007 - Miami,florida

Ron V | rvari~AT~tampabay~DOT~rr~DOT~com
Billy! Been looking all over the Sunshine state for ya. Please drop me a line. Semper Fi
18 December 2007

Troy Gilley | gilleyt~AT~rdr~DOT~com
Hey Billy - Thanks for the e-mail and book to Alexa. I hope you get to meet her on one of your trips to Bragg. She's a very special person. Next time you're in the DC AO you've got a place to saty. Watch your six, mi Amigo
17 December 2007

Thank You for fighting for the freedom we enjoy today.
14 December 2007 - abilene Texas

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