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James 'Sky' King | skyc37~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Every time I feel down I think about you and your courage and your past accomplishments. Like turning 72 in A-stan, still in the game! If I past the DoS physical and PT test I'll turn 62 in Baghdad working security for SOC/DoS. I'll never forget meeting you at Tampa AP last year on my way back to Iraq. All the best to you and your family. Thanks for the inspiration!
26 February 2012 - Seminole, FL

Ronald Earl Williams | drronwilliams~AT~satx~DOT~rr~DOT~com
I was an SF Medic with 1st SF Okinawa. I was on the "Snakebite" det to CCN. I was on RT Rhode Island. I also was a team member with Lynn Black (RT Idaho) on a Bright Light. While I did not have the long career you had, I will aways carry to pride and honor to have been SF, My greatest honor is to have know these many men of honor and love of country. I came home in Jan 70 and went to medical school. My thanks to you for writing this book and to Bob Keys for the loan of his bood. Great Book, Great read.
12 February 2012 - San Antonio, Tx

Matthew Kelley | matthew~DOT~kelley6~AT~us~DOT~army~DOT~mil
Hey we have never met but by marriage to Gloria Waugh you are my grandfather. On the 21st of November 2011 she regretfully passed away in Round Rock Texas. Which leaves you as the only surviving member of my family on my fathers side. We have absolutely no blood relation between us but by the fact that she kept your last name until the day that she died i believe that she held you in high reguard. At this time i am currently assigned to the 554 Military Police Company in Stuttgart Germany. I would love to talk to you some time even if its just via e-mail.
5 January 2012 - Stuttgart Germany

David Beauchamp | bchmp_dvd1985~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
I have to say with the reading of your book that was first in a long time that I read your book. I'm not in SF area of the army but I still currently serving but I have been to the one area that you mentioned in your Gardez. I was there 2006 to 2007. It awesome to hear about the stuff that you saw and things that I saw there I remember Gardez and its surrounding areas. I thank you for your serve and I already served in Afghanistan twice and Iraq once. Have a good one Billy.
2 January 2012 - Afghanistan

steve widdicombe | thelastpict1107~AT~gmail~DOT~com
The continuation of policy by other means. a national treasure with the heart of the "Marshal" 1st Earl of Pembroke. good luck Bill.
1 January 2012 - Australia

Dave Jenkins | djenkins~AT~above~DOT~net
Sir, thank you for your service to our country! It appears that you may have very well shared some duty posts with my late father (SGM Lewis "Luke" Jenkins). If in fact you did, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you or buying you a drink if you find yourself in the Northern Virginia area. Thanks again.
27 December 2011 - Clarke Co. Va

As a member of the Community, we thank you. Strength and Honor
14 December 2011 - Washington DC

Stefan Kaltenbrunner | stefan~DOT~kaltenbrunner~AT~datum~DOT~at
Dear Mr. Waugh! I am the editior in chief of the Austrian magazin DATUM. I would like to do an interview with you. Would be great if you can contact me. Best regards Stefan Kaltenbrunner
5 December 2011 - Austria

Bob Jones | rwspecialforces~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Billy, Happy Birthday and many more to come. Your not far ahead of me in age. In fact you were 12 when I was born. So much for comparisons.
2 December 2011 - Located in Plano, Tx spent from 1963 - 1968 in the SF

george poynor | jorgep48~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
i got your info through BTW yesterday and aam interested in your next you remember izzy friedman, air america plain of jars loas
12 November 2011 - san francisco ca usa

Trent H. | mike~DOT~hura~AT~gmail~DOT~com
I ran into Ray Calafell at dinner, enjoyed the time I had, and was nervous.I'm 16 yoa! Thanks for everything you ALL do and have done. Sincerely, Trent JROTC
10 November 2011 - TPA

Terrence Mahan, MSGT USAF Ret | terrymahandam~AT~juno~DOT~com
You spoke at the City Austin Vet Appreciation Luncheon yesterday. Like many vets I have heard of you but never dreamed I would hear you speak. It was an honor. Your everything I believed a Special Opes person to be. from a Batstropian to another Bastropian again it was an honor.
10 November 2011 - Bastrop, Texas

Walter | pete187~AT~windstream~DOT~net
Have a great Veterans Day,You have earned it and it was and honor to have served with you in 187th abn
Take Care
9 November 2011 - Folkston Ga

Cory Sweeney Rowell | watchthatman77~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Just read your bio. You're about as "Hooah!" as "Hooah" can get!!! Damn ine American you are, SGM!!!
3 November 2011 - Idaho

Stephen M. Curran | Stephen_m_curran~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
SGM Waugh I'm in the panhandle please let me treat you to a scotch or five blue label it would be an honor!!!
23 October 2011 - Tallahassee, Fl

Stephen M. Curran | Stephen_m_curran~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
SGM Waugh thank you for your service I'm a vet who has spent the last 3 years wasting away as a fed am interested in the Marshall islands if you have 2 minutes for a vet you have my email if not without a doubt I consider you a Personel hero thank you
17 October 2011 - Tallahassee,Fl

Kenneth M. Bird MSG (USARET) | kbird5358~AT~MSN~DOT~com
I served with SGM Billy Waugh at CCN. You may not know me but I want to let you know It was an honor knowing I have met you and played poker with you at the CCN club and heard about your great service. I was never on a recon team, but with CO A Hatchet Team with CPT Storter also my heros are the personnel who served with recon and your name is on the top. Thanks again for your service.
8 October 2011 - Tacoma WA

Annie Jacobsen | anniejacobsen~AT~mac~DOT~com
Hello Billy Waugh. I am a journalist with the Los Angeles Times Magazine, working on story about the Son Tay Raid. Have spoken to POWs and Raiders. I would like to interview you. Thank you kindly. -- Annie Jacobsen
19 September 2011 - Los Angeles & Connecticut

peter schiotis | peebes88~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Mr.waugh i would like to produce a film based on your life.Call me at 925 765 9832
8 September 2011 - pleasant hill ca.

Terence Burgess | lilian36~AT~virginmedia~DOT~com
As one airborne soldier to another ,well done Billy from brit para
15 August 2011 - Uk London

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