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Hello again. Hope you are doing well.
20 November 2013 - Still in NC. :)

Jimbo Blakeslee Jr | jimbojrxsf~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Thanks to SGM Billy Waugh for supporting the 'Old HALO Guys Reunion' held at Bragg 4-7 October 2013. We awarded HALO wings to members of ODA-08 1/10 SFG (1968-69) and recognized the members of the HALO infil Recon Teams from CCN. Thank you Billy for your contributions to the cause, we couldn't have done it without you. God's Speed in all your endeavors.
9 October 2013 - Fayetteville NC

Ed Crenshaw CE1 USNR-Ret )NMCB-14) | cecbret~AT~windstream~DOT~net
Looking forward to meeting you and hearing you speak at our 8th annual NMCB-14 Alumni reunion (SEABEE'S)on 12-15 SEPT 2013
6 September 2013

Will | w~DOT~eaton~AT~apexxs~DOT~com
It was an honor and a privilege to finally get to meet you CSM. You are a truly legendary figure in our world and I thoroughly enjoyed the time today sitting and talking with you. Stay in touch and take care of yourself.
11 July 2013 - Ft Bragg

Matt beeson | Mbeeson23~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
It was an honor and a pleasure to read your book. Your a true patriot and hero and I appreciate the sacrifices you've made. I too, long to serve my country but find myself on the outside looking in. If you have time I would love to chat and exchange ideas, let me know.
10 June 2013 - Colorado

Rebel G van der Puyl | mykleinemuis~AT~gmail~DOT~com
Need the truth about POW James M Ray declared dead 1969. Why did Army Ranger Special elite Team F headed by Sgt. John Woodward attempt to extract Ray and other POWs on Dec 19, 1972. Please I need answers. Woodward on that day forty year later to the hour, minute and second place a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and promoted for three escape attempts SSgt. James M. Ray.
4 June 2013 - United States

Mike Bolton | mbolton4~AT~cox~DOT~net
Just read your book a 2nd time - Better than the first because there's so much to absorb. True American hero. Thanks again for everything you've done for our country and its people.
27 April 2013 - San Diego

Eugene Summers | esummers~AT~tnets~DOT~net
Billy,. recently read your book. Shared with me through a mutual friend,. Retired MG Ed Scholes. Thank you for your years of dedicated service to our country!
29 December 2012 - Kentucky

Joe B. | bestfriendsfitness~AT~live~DOT~com
Thank you.
11 December 2012

clay whitesell | clayw1~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Happy Birthday to a TRUE PATRIOT and Hero!
1 December 2012 - from seattle

Heard it's your birthday! Congratulations. Sorry I missed you before my last deployment to Iraq.
1 December 2012 - Deepest darkest North Carolina.

Jay Holmes | piperbayard~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Hello, Mr. Waugh. Today we posted an article about you at our personal site, Bayard & Holmes, and on the four sites of the SocialInDC Network. For your information, here is the link to the primary SocialIn site. Please let us know if you would like us to make any changes or additions. Thank you, Jay Holmes and Piper Bayard
31 October 2012 - USA

Jay Holmes | rainbowpacifist~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
We will be saluting you tomorrow at our Web Page "Bayard and Holmes". Thank you for your life of service to our nation.

Jay Holmes
31 October 2012 - USA

Jason Trapp | jjtrapp~AT~gmail~DOT~com
SGM Waugh-

I am the grandson of LTC Larry Trapp - 1SFG. I recently purchased your book and would appreciate corresponding with you regarding your relationship with my grandfather.

Jason J. Trapp
15 August 2012 - Nangarhar, Afghanistan

Rod Azama | razama~AT~verizon~DOT~net
Billy, I served under Paris Davis in 10th SFGA and we're good friends. He asked me to look you up. Don't know if you'll be in Tampa for SOF Week May 21-25 or at the SFA Convention in Fayetteville in June, but if so, that would be an opportunity to briefly meet. (C) 301-252-0715
9 May 2012 - Maryland

Hugh | hughhetrick~AT~comcast~DOT~net
Billy we met in Col Simons' (The Bull)shop a million years ago 1965/1966. I'll be crossing Texas El Paso - Fredericksburg on I-10/U.S. 290 early next month. If you're near I-10 I'd like to stop and pay my respects.

USN, Retired
17 April 2012 - Now? West Jordan, Utah

Lucy Nadeau | lucy_nadeau~AT~yahoo~DOT~com
Mr. Waugh, I had the priviledge of hearing you speak at the US Constitution and Freedom Rally in Ft. Walton Beach this past weekend. I unfortunately did not have the opportunity to shake your hand and say THANK YOU for all that you have done for our great nation. Your speech was amazing, your accomplishments astonishing, and your love of our flag and our country unrivaled. I am so very, very blessed to have heard your words. May God continue to bless you and yours!
19 March 2012 - Yulee FL

Fernando Villafranca | fernando~DOT~villafranca~AT~us~DOT~army~DOT~mil
Hey Billy;
So glad that you are still around and active. I was your Commo man permanently assigned to the Khe Sahn Launch Site of FOB 1 in 1967-1968 along with SFC Dudley Nutter and SFC Arturo Garcia. Congratulations on your book, enjoyed it thoroughly. Take care, stay well and keep the faith.
Tu amigo, F.Villafranca
12 March 2012

PALADIN | crusader~AT~hotmail~DOT~com
Read your book Sergeant Major, and i must say America is the country it is because of men like you ! Thank-you for your service and sacrifice.
10 March 2012 - Thurmont Maryland USA

Paul and Jeanette Hurt | cissc~AT~aol~DOT~com
We are following you in Webb Griffiths books and will order your books. Looking good Command Sergeant Major
29 February 2012 - Las Vegas, Nevada

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