The book Hunting the Jackal by Billy Waugh with Tim Keown (as the Ghost Writer), Published by Harper/Collins Publishing of NYC, will be headed for the shelves on 15 Jun 04.

Praise for Billy Waugh And

"Tough, rambunctious, and smart, Sergeant Major Billy Waugh is a Special Forces cyclone whose career cut a powerful path in the world of covert operations. His memoirs are essential reading to understand the real history of American Special Ops over the past half-century."

―John L. Plaster, U.S. Army Special Forces, author of SOG and Secret Commandos


"Hunting the Jackal is a story of warriors told by the consummate warrior who has done it all....The odds, death, and destruction Special Forces face are beyond what the typical human psyche can deal with. Billy and these warriors possessed a relentless determination to punish the enemy, and punish them they did."

―Lew Merletti, former director, United States Secret Service, and former 5th Special Forces Group (Vietnam, 1969-1970)


"Billy Waugh is a man of exceptional character and courage who has served his country either in combat or in intelligence work since the middle of the last century. He has seen more, done more, and risked more in the interest of the United States than any man I know."

―Ambassador Cofer Black, U.S. State Department coordinator for counterterrorism


"It is gratifying to know that some of Sergeant Major Billy Waugh's incredible exploits have finally been recorded and made available to the public. This book provides a cold hard look at the reality our Special Operations men face every day."

―Major General John K. Singlaub, U.S. Army (Ret.), OSS, CIA, SOG


"Billy Waugh is the archetypal American warrior hero and Hunting the Jackal reads like a black ops textbook. It is a detailed and gripping inside look at the life-and-death shadow wars against terrorism currently being fought in the mean streets and back alleys all over the world."

―John Weisman, bestselling author of Jack in the Box

"Have you ever wondered what combat is like? Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a micro-second from death? Have you ever wondered what makes the terrorist?
If you have, read this book.
Billy Waugh tells the story of his life as a "Green Beret" and his special operations experiences as a CIA operative in the way that only one who has been there and experienced it can. The book covers the fifty year career of this warrior from the early stages of Vietnam through the current counter terrorist operations in the Mid-East. Much if it history, written by a man who helped shape history.
Waugh tracked Osama bin Laden in the early 1990’s in Sudan. He was in Afghanistan after 9/11 searching for the same man. He has lived and worked with the people of those areas, he knows them and understands them at a level that diplomats do not see, or will ever see. While this book is a chronicle of highlights in the career of Billy Waugh there is a segment towards the end of the story that examines the Islamic sects that propagate the terror, those who would destroy the "infidel" the "non-Islam".
As Waugh states: "These sects blame every ill of their world on Western Infidels." They have been clever in their tactics. We have "smart bombs" that are capable of pinpointing targets from great distances. The terrorist also has a "smart bomb", it is called a suicide bomber, equally capable of pinpointing a target or creating random destruction. Either tactic is acceptable, since the terrorists "are not concerned about the effect these indiscriminate acts have on the innocent".
This book can basically be divided into three parts. First, it is the story of dedicated American soldier. Second, it is a chronicle that highlights events in the life of that soldier and third: it provides and understanding of the nature and the soul of the terrorist that has so disrupted our country. Herein lies the key for in order to defeat the enemy, you must know the enemy. Read the book and learn. ."

―COL Leon C. Hope, my old Team Leader of the 50s

"Sergeant Major Billy Waugh is the man I want to cover my back in combat. His natural skills, ethics, and loyalty have no equal, and he is an elite warrior who has made Special Operations a success over the past few decades. He is the kind of man who should be a role model to the new generation of Special Operations soldiers."

―Colonel Sully H. DeFontaine, U.S. Army (Ret.), SOE, SAS, OSS, SF, SOG

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Billy's Book on POW Escapee Isaac Camacho is Now Available!

Click here to visit the websiteAn exciting first-person recounting, by Isaac Camacho of his WIA, subsequent capture, in the US CIDG Camp, of Hiep Hoa, SVN on 24 Nov 1963. 150KM march, with three other US Army Special Forces POWs, to the COSVN POW Camp B-20; where shackled by the leg, chained to a tree, caged like a wild dog - in the triple canopy jungle. He is worked like an animal; tossed into the ‘punishment-hole’ often; routinely interrogated by a COSVN Commissioner; Interrogated by two Cuban Officials, a Chinese Official, and interviewed by an Australian Journalist, Isaac Camacho suffered from Falcipurm Malaria, Hepatitis “C”, and beri-beri, losing 50+ pounds of weight, while a POW for 21 months in the open jungle but – never lost his resolve, determination, or decidedness to escape his cage, for the purpose of living up to the Military Code of Conduct – and to ‘fight another day’ against an enemy of the United States. This book takes you into the very mind of Isaac Camacho, as he planned daily; then, when his leg shackle was removed to be placed on a new US POW, Isaac Camacho escaped through the upper bars of his cage; evaded search by a Viet Cong patrol with dogs; making his way 50KM to the south, to a friendly US Army Special Forces A-Camp – at Minh Thanh, SVN on 13 July 1965. This is the True Story of a fine American Hero, who should receive the Medal of Honor for his heroic deeds performed 45 years ago. This is the story of Isaac Camacho an American Hero as written by Billy. Website:

Price: $30 (shipping included - USA)
Hardcover: 292 pages
Website: 135 pages
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
ISBN: 978-1-4507-0420-5

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